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SITGES Festival!

The Night He Came Back Again Part IV The Final Kill within the film anthology Scare Package will have it’s world premiere at SITGES Festival in Spain! We are kicking off their Midnight Xtreme section on October 4th, 2019 and then playing again on the 5th and 12th. Check it out:




Modeling with Metro Transit!

Keep an eye out for me in the Minneapolis area! You may find this ad in a magazine, bus stop, or even riding around on the side of a bus. They even have some super fun bright colored Instagram and Facebook commerical ads! Such a fun shoot!


Promoting with Target and Nintendo!

This September I had the opportunity to work with Target and Nintendo for an amazing private event! Lots of great Nintendo Switch games coming out this Fall! My inner geek was very happy to represent such great companies!


A Visitant Of Paris…

Update! We are getting close to having our first edit solidified! That means we can get our original score started. How exciting! Stay tuned.


Lookin’ Dead…

I had an amazing time working on short film Dead Cell! I loved being directed by the incredible Penny Pauletich and using the articulate zombie dialogue by Andrew Hunt. Stay tuned for the final cut!



You wanna take a peek at my new headshots? Check out the link to my gallery page here:


Be sure to take a peek at the talented Dani Werner Photography on her website linked here:



It’s a Fairytale!

You can see me perform as a Stepsister in Cinderella at Sidekick Theatre!

Show runs November 19th—December 30th.

Tickets: http://sidekicktheatre.com/cinderella


Bonjour Post-Production!

Long way to go...but post-production has begun January 18, 2019! Looking forward to seeing the director’s cut of this relatable story.


Jan. 13th, 2018-

Last Day of the Parisian Film Shoot!

1950’s feelings all day! I was surrounded by a talented and dedicated team. I feel so fortunate to have worked with these people, at this time, on this particular story.


On Set—In Paris!

To kick off this UK adventure I am grateful to collaborate again with the talented Jeremy Strohm on a whole new short film. We have combined our concepts and ideas to create something we are truly excited to bring to life. Take a sneak peek at our concept board and join us on the journey!


Leaving Wintery Minnesota for Brisk London!

Excited to be in London for January and February 2019! I am exploring acting workshops, seeing shows, and collaborating with a few artists! It is a dream to see the incredible art here. More updates on the goings on soon…


Coming Soon…

The talented Jose Martinez and I are in the process of editing a film score driven short film set in the beautifully crisp Minnesota fall. A story about reading beyond the lines and seeing how the future can be brighter if we look to our faults of the past and make a conscience effort to rise above them.


The Backpack Challenge in Twin Cities Film Fest!

YES! The Backpack Challenge made it into the short film block of the 2018 Twin Cities Film Festival. Only thing missing is our other talented Director/Writer Jeremy Strohm! Sending our love from across the pond all the way to Paris on this exciting night!


Georgia Rock Feature Premiere!

On October 18th, 2018 I got to see the premiere of Georgia Rock at St. Anthony Main Theatre in Minneapolis! What a blast to catch up with the cast and crew on such a special night!


Wedding Fair!

I had the privilege of promoting MZVisuals consisting of the amazing duo Jose Martinez and Alexander Zitser at the MN Wedding Fair this October! They work together to create incredible wedding photography and videography memories for that big special day! I even got to do a mini test shoot in the convention center to show off their wedding photography skills. Photos coming soon!


MN Theatre Awards

The 2018 MN Theatre Awards was a great shindig! Meeting up with friends and congratulating everyone on a beautiful year of theatre, love, and big exciting changes to our arts community!

Check out their website to see who was honored that night:



Horror Film Fun!

I had the amazing opportunity to play Daisy in the film Final Kill written by John Karsko and Directed Anthony Cousins. Stay tuned for updates on the film’s premiere dates!

PC: Richard F. Taylor


I enjoyed every bit of my travels. Until next time…

“This above all: to thine own self be true.”

(Hamlet, Act-1, Scene-III)


Warming my heart with coffee and a show at the Globe!

I saw the incredibly talented all female cast perform Emilia at the Globe. Emilia is one of my all time favorite Shakespearean Women…so I was elated to say the least.

“Then let them use us well: else let them know, The ills we do, their ills instruct us so”.

(Emilia- Act IV, Scene 3 of Othello)


Seeing Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare perform in Edinburgh and London!

I had an incredible time seeing my London company colleagues perform not only in Hamlet at the Edinburgh Fringe, but Romeo and Juliet at Leicester Square Theatre as well!

My First Edinburgh Fringe Experience!

- 4.5 days.

-15 shows seen.

- Lots of Rain.

- Amazing experience.

-Gotta go back next year!


Back In London!

I took an amazing Shakespearean workshop at the Actors Centre in London this August! Can’t wait for more theatre adventures!


Strength, Power, & A Few Jumpsuits.

So grateful to be working with Anthony Knight again, and this time in his studio! Click on the Modeling Tab in the Gallery or here to see more of what we shot that day!

Chelsey Grant LSLookR Landscape 2018.jpg

New Headshots?!?

Check out my new headshots on the Media tab or click here!

Special shout out to Photographer:

Craig VanDerSchaegen!

Seed of Doubt Screen Grab.png

Seed of Doubt

So grateful to be a part of the feature film, Seed of Doubt. Want to learn more about this incredible film? Click here for the IMDB page!


Gogo Dancing Event!

I had a blast performing as a Gogo Dancer in a1970's themed event!

Huge thank you to Moore Creative Talent for the booking! GROOVY!


The Backpack Challenge

This short film is out now! Watch it by clicking here!


River Valley Girl Scouts!

I had the honor of congratulating the River Valley Girl Scouts with a special shout out to the Top 10 Cookie Sellers! What an amazing opportunity to work with Princess Party Productions as Wonder Woman and share this day with such strong young leaders!

If you're looking to hire a Superhero or Princess Character in the Minneapolis area for a party or event check out the site by clicking here!


Guys and Dolls Reviews!

Click the links below to read reviews or buy tickets! We run Wednesdays through Sundays and close June 16th!




Tickets: https://oldlog.showare.com

Voice Over Demo?!?

YES! My Voice Over Demo has been recorded and edited for all ears who wish to hear! It can be found on the Media tab, or you can listen to it by clicking here.


My Short Film is Complete!

Through Me is an excerpt of a feature script idea I had turned into a short film. Shot in London, the story follows the aftermath of Matt's death (Mark's twin brother). Special thanks to Robbie, Marcelo, Holly, and Marek for helping me bring this brief piece to life.

Click on the Media Film tab to view or click here.


Sneak peek of the shoot I did this March with Anthony Knight , Tamara D. Tillery, and Jessica Ash at the Lightbox.Studio. I am so grateful to have worked with such an incredible team. Click on the Modeling Tab in the Gallery or here to see more!


Guys and Dolls!

Big news!!! I’m going to be back at Old Log Theatre, but this time in as a Bobby Soxer/Hot Box Girl in the classic musical Guys and Dolls!

We run March 2nd, 2018 through June 16th, 2018. Get your tickets here: http://www.oldlog.com/Shows/Guys-Dolls


Shot a Short in London!

It was a dream goal of mine to collaborate, write, produce, and shoot a short film in London. I can’t believe I’m saying this...it happened. I am elated beyond words. Thanks to Robbie Defense (Director/Editor), Marcelo Cervone(Actor/Co-Writer), Holly-Rose Clegg (Actor/Co-Writer), and Marek Woloszyn (Sound).


The Backpack Challenge Update!

Merci beaucoup Jérémy Strohm for the opportunity to see a sneak peek of The Backpack Challenge short film...in Paris, no less! Such an amazing project to work on. I can't wait for it to be released to the public!

IMG_3232 copy.jpg


I've kicked off my London adventure attending a Vintage New Years Eve event. I started off the new year dancing the night away with lessons from different eras! What else could a theatre geek ask for?!?!


Back to London!

I’m staying in London for a month from the end of December 2017 through the end of January 2018 and tackling some acting projects along the way! So excited to be going back to what I like to think of as my second home.


Extremely Grateful

This November 2017 I had the opportunity to act and train with an organ donation organization. These people are amazing. l feel so lucky to learn what great kindnesses humans are capable of.


Vintage Photo Shoot with Dream Nineteen!

What a fun opportunity to work with the talented Film Director and Photographer Jason Ho. To see more images from this shoot check out the Modeling tab in my Gallery!


The Backpack Challenge: Short Film

I got to work with the incredibly talented directing duo-- James Snapko & Jeremy Strohm on this riveting short film. We are currently in post production, but not for long! Stay tuned for updates...

Minnesota Lottery Commercial

--June 2017

I felt pretty darn lucky!


46 Performances of Jack & the Beanstalk at Old Log Theatre Summer 2017!

Who doesn't want to see a hen lay golden eggs?!?!

FullSizeRender 255.jpg

Filming the Feature:

Georgia Rock

Sam Fischer, Daniel Cummings, and Tyler Jenson... these are just a few of the phenomenal people I got the privilege to work with on Georgia Rock! This June 2017 I rocked out with an incredible team and now it's only a matter of time until we are out of post! Follow the film for updates by clicking here!


Voice Over Acting Expo 2017

Had a blast working with some incredible coaches for a full day of Q&A, Classes, and Recording Sessions!

Renpure Hair Commercial

--January 2017

Click on the image above to watch! 


Yes, this is real...

I will be playing Helena in Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Camp Bar in St. Paul! Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the deeply highbrow fusion of an entirely serious Shakespeare play with one entirely shit-faced cast member. Outrageous raucous and completely unpredictable, the show has been running since 2010 and has already entertained over 100,000 eager theatre goers across the UK and US.

We open January 20th, 2016 and won't stop running the show until who knows when! Here is the link to all the fun! http://m.bpt.me/event/2719939


Natural Locks!

I got the opportunity to work with Renpure and Slate and Main on this fabulously fun commerical. I met lovely ladies, a phenomenal crew, and I had a blast learning all about these beautiful products!


Working with Flight Creative Media, LLC!

Doing a quick commercial shoot for an at home projector. Keep the popcorn coming!


Traveling in London & Scotland!

Seeing the sights and definitely seeing as many stage productions in the West End and Edinborough as I can!


Last Day Already?

I had my last day on set as Rachel in Tyler the Film this past weekend! My heart is grateful and full of excitement for when our cast and crew can be together again for our premiere! Until then, I will keep all abreast when the film is complete and accessible to the public.

Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/TylerTheFilm/


Murder on the Nile!

I have been cast as Kay Ridgeway-Mostyn in Murder on the Nile opening on November 18th, 2016 at the Theatre in the Round in Minneapolis. I am beyond excited to take on this playful murder mystery with an amazing cast and crew!




Hello, New York!

In addition to NYC Showcases, my 2016 Class of University of WI- Stevens Point BFA’s put on a cabaret-style evening performance on May 19th in New York City at the Davenport Theatre. We were able to present our Showcase our to friends, alumni, and more industry professionals. Click “Read More” to see some amazing photos of the event taken by the talented Cole Witter!

I'm Back!

After completing my BFA-Acting Degree from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point I plan on making the move back to Minneapolis. Time to jump into all that the city has to offer!