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Guys and Dolls  (Old Log Theatre)

[Hot Box Dancer]

Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare’s: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Bryant Lake Bowl & Camp Bar)



Jack and the Beanstalk (Old Log Theatre)

[Henni- The Hen that Lays Golden Eggs and Henrietta- The Bratty Teen]

Murder on the Nile (Theatre in The Round)

[Kay Mostyn]   Photo Credit: Roger P Watts

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Jenkins Theatre)

[Helena]   Photo Credit: Tom Charlesworth

Antigone (Jenkins Theatre)

[Greek Chorus] Photo Credit: Douglas L. Moore

Fool for Love (Found Space)

[May]   Photo Credit: Cole Witter

Send Me On My Way (Uwsp Black Box)

Photo Credit: Cole Witter

NYC Showcase with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point BFA-Acting Program

Photo Credit: Cole Witter